The 14th

Since we had nothing better to do, Lauren and I went to The Greene House at Kierland In Scottsdale. Since it was the 14th, they were running a special three course meal for $30. I wonder if they have this on the 14th of every month. On top of the meal, we shared a bottle of Tangley Oaks merlot from Napa Valley 2005. This wine was delicious and we even looked for some at the store to add it to the collection.

We started off with appetizers. Lauren got the brie with sour cherries and I got the spicy crab tacos. Both were very good.

For the main course, Lauren had the pork and I got the beef tenderloin with potatos and asparagus. Lauren asked what a particular part of her meal was and it took the manager to figure out they were just mushrooms.

For dessert, Lauren got some super chocolate brownie thing and I got apple cranberry cobbler with vanilla bean gelato. Both were delicious.

By the end of the meal, Lauren could not see straight. We were stuffed beyond belief. Add to that the bottle of wine and you are set for a good nap. Overall, the meal was awesome and the price was not bad. I’d go back again if I got another deal like that.

Correction: I originally called the wine Gangley Oaks, but changed it to Tangley Oaks. Maybe that’s why I couldn’t find it at the store.

Update: Lauren got me a scotch glass, a tumbler and made me red velvet cupcakes for Valentine’s day as well. The tumbler was perfect for making margaritas and the cupcakes are still delicious.

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Less Than A Penny

Lauren and I went to Tempe Marketplace and MOJO Yogurt has their ads up everywhere. They sell frozen yogurt with toppings by the ounce. Their actual price is $0.39 per ounce, but all of their ads show $0.0039 per ounce as you can see.

I think I should go back for a refund. I paid over $7 for the both of us, but they should have only charged me $0.06 for the amount we got.

Send me funny pricing ads you see out there. I find this stuff humorous.

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Shoe Adventure


I have never spent more than $45 on a pair of shoes. But, after six years of life in my brown Sketchers, I finally took the plunge and bought some new shoes. My Sketchers are six years old and lasted me through all of my jobs from college through my job today. I had no grip left on the bottom of them and there were a few cracks on the bottom that let water in on rainy days. I think it was the lack of grip that made my decision final. I spent more energy slipping than walking forward.

I tried earlier today to find some at Ross to no avail, so tonight I recruited Lauren to go to the mall with me. We started at Macy’s, where it appeared to us there was a big cosmetics sale. Some employee randomly TOLD us to get in line as we walked towards the shoes, to which I replied, “No, that’s okay” and then she sighed. I left with no shoes from Macy’s.

Then, we went over to Dillard’s. There was a huge line at the front of that store as well as Neiman Marcus. We learned there was a class action suit settlement for cosmetics. We got in line at Neiman Marcus and got our free products. Then, we went to Dillard’s, got in line and got another free product. I left with no shoes from Dillard’s.

As we walked back to Nordstrom’s, Lauren and I totally got a glimpse of a nipple. Some lady at the MAC store, with giant fake boobs and really low cut shirt, let her boob basically pop out as she lifted herself onto her chair. I wanted to stop, get a picture and Twitter about it, but Lauren wouldn’t let me. We finally got to Nordstrom’s, where we got some more free cosmetics product. They happened to have a good sale on shoes there. I bought two pairs of Timberland shoes at $80 a pair, not to be confused with Timberlake or Timbaland. That is a record for me on shoe price, so they better last for at least six years like my last pair.

That was my adventure of the evening. What did you do?

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Vacation Over

My vacation (staycation) is finally over. I like to think I got a lot done, but I only was able to complete one project. Of course, it was the project with higher priority. Instead of fixing to roof, insulating the attic, doing yard work, etc, I decided to get my bar/lounge in working order.

I guess the room is more of a lounge because there is a couch in the room. I sanded and painted the big shelf unit in the room, hooked up the tv, and cleaned up.

Take look at my work.

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Margot Can’t Jump

Check out this video of Margot trying to jump on to Lauren’s bed. I bet you can’t watch it just once.

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Light Rail to Work

I decided to give the new Light Rail a go this week. I have a station two miles from my house and there is a stop less than a block from the office.

I’m not sure yet how I will take it on a regular basis. I can either take the Orbit, which is free and passes by my house every fifteen minutes, or I can ride my bike, which requires pedaling over a big hill. Today, Lauren was kind enough to give me a ride.

I got to the station at 7:18am and boarded the rail at 7:27am. There were about thirty people in my cabin so it’s not that crowded. They will definitely need to do something with all the bikers. It looks like all the bike racks are taken already.

I thought for a second I got on the wrong one because my seat is facing the opposite direction. I calmed down once we got going the right way.

They randomly play some stupid messages that are very loud. “Alcohol is not permitted…” “Do not leave packages unattended. If you find an unattended or suspicious package, please notify a Metro attendant”. There are none in site, though I did see a Target cop when I got on.

I got to my stop at exactly 8:00am an walked into the building at 8:04am. Overall, it was a good experience. Now I just have to figure out how I will be getting to the station, and determine my money svings versus lost time.


On my way home now. Saw one train go by just before I left, so I figures good timing. But, of course there was one immediately behind it that I couldn’t get to in time…go figure.

Code Pink was protesting at my station but they weren’t allowed on the platform itself.

The train is much fuller going home. I hope it clears so I can grab a seat and stop typing one-handed.

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Drink of the Day

I think instead of having ice cream or cookies for dessert, we will try to have a drink of the night.

Tonight we had some caramel appletinis. They were pretty good, though Lauren claims she felt no effects from the alcohol.

3 shots of caramel Baileys and about 1 shot of Apple Smirnoff makes a perfect size drink.

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