The 14th

Since we had nothing better to do, Lauren and I went to The Greene House at Kierland In Scottsdale. Since it was the 14th, they were running a special three course meal for $30. I wonder if they have this on the 14th of every month. On top of the meal, we shared a bottle of Tangley Oaks merlot from Napa Valley 2005. This wine was delicious and we even looked for some at the store to add it to the collection.

We started off with appetizers. Lauren got the brie with sour cherries and I got the spicy crab tacos. Both were very good.

For the main course, Lauren had the pork and I got the beef tenderloin with potatos and asparagus. Lauren asked what a particular part of her meal was and it took the manager to figure out they were just mushrooms.

For dessert, Lauren got some super chocolate brownie thing and I got apple cranberry cobbler with vanilla bean gelato. Both were delicious.

By the end of the meal, Lauren could not see straight. We were stuffed beyond belief. Add to that the bottle of wine and you are set for a good nap. Overall, the meal was awesome and the price was not bad. I’d go back again if I got another deal like that.

Correction: I originally called the wine Gangley Oaks, but changed it to Tangley Oaks. Maybe that’s why I couldn’t find it at the store.

Update: Lauren got me a scotch glass, a tumbler and made me red velvet cupcakes for Valentine’s day as well. The tumbler was perfect for making margaritas and the cupcakes are still delicious.

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4 Responses to The 14th

  1. Lauren says:

    “Gangley” Oaks? What were you drinking?

  2. Mike says:

    Thanks for noticing the error. I wouldn’t want people buying some gag wine out there if they were to take my recommendation.

  3. Bart says:

    I like your hair!! (Directed towards Lauren).

  4. Lauren says:

    Thanks! You don’t like Mike’s? 🙂

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